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Outsource Marketing, Inc. is a full service, Direct Phone-marketing Company, offering to you the experience and resources of a large-scale in-house telemarketing operation, without the prohibitive costs.

Do you know that

» Direct Phone Marketing is today's most effective alternative for reaching both targeted and wide audiences.

» Direct Phone-marketing enables you to answer questions, address concerns,
overcome objections and bring each contact to a definitive action - a closing.

» Direct Phone-marketing due to increased competition in the
telecommunications industry and low telephone costs, is currently the most
cost-effective ingredient within any total marketing program.

» OMI's flexibility allows us to offer you comprehensive Direct Phone-marketing packages, for literally, any size of business and campaign.

» OMI’s management experience gives us the skills and knowledge to provide your company with a marketing-program that really works for you.

» OMI’s callers are seasoned professionals with a vast range of marketing experience; they are mature, proficient, pleasant and ready to bring results to your company.

» OMI technology is state of the art, efficient, effective and foolproof.

» OMI's diversity of clients represent an extremely varied scope of products
and services encompassing vendors of high tech, industrial, electronic and
pharmaceutical products, as well as firms involved with publishing,
financial services, insurance, engineering, landscaping, accounting and
legal services. Our versatility is unsurpassed.