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Outsource Marketing, Inc (OMI). is a full service, Direct Phone-Marketing Company. Click on a type of service below for additional information.
  Sales Campaigns
  Lead Generation
  Managing Projects
  Customer Services
  Literature Fulfillment
  List Procurement
  Script Development
  Market Research and Surveys
  Calling Results Tabulation and Analysis
  Program Creativity
  In-house Consulting/Training
  Database Management
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OMI’s telemarketing agents are seasoned professionals with a vast range of marketing experience; they are mature, proficient, pleasant and ready to bring sales results to your company. We would like to remind you that:

Direct Phone Sales has the ability to service any size of business and campaign.

OMI’s phone sales experience gives us the skills and knowledge to provide your company with a sales program that really works for you.

OMI's diversity of clients represent an extremely varied scope of products and services, encompassing vendors of high tech, industrial, electronic and pharmaceutical products, as well as firms involved with publishing, financial services, insurance, engineering, landscaping, accounting and legal services. Our versatility is unsurpassed.

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  Lead GenerationGo to Top
  Newspaper and magazine advertising, radio and TV promotions, bill-boards, direct mail and emails, demands and mostly receives, little or no immediate action or response. Direct Phone-marketing does. It gets you into instant dialogue with decision makers where you can present, address questions, capture important qualifying information and then resolve the next levels of mutually agreed ACTION. It is the most cost-effective form of lead generation there is today.

Why then would you want to outsource this important, if not crucial task, of lead generation for gaining new customers, from you to us?

OMI's specializes in getting the best possible result out of every level of contact with prospects. They thrive on the challenges of cold-calling and make the most out of each and every level of contact opportunity, from the receptionist, right through to the final decision maker.

OMI’s has the expertise to penetrate the screens, reach the decision-makers, generate their interest and then, gently probe with questions to qualify them. From there, as valid and fully qualified prospects or leads, OMI can handle any literature fulfillment requirements or set appointments for you.

OMI has the technology to manage the data collated from our calls, in whatever format that you require. We provide you with a seamless flow and interface of crucial information collated from our calls, from our systems to yours, in whatever medium is convenient to you.

OMI’s callers are experienced, mature and well-seasoned professionals. As your representatives, they are going to leave extremely good impressions of your company, providing you with great exposure and building goodwill for you, whilst still achieving the direct results of each program.

OMI can free your busy, more industry specialized and highly paid staff, to focus only on those prospects that you already know, are potentially profitable. This will dramatically increase your closing and sale volumes.

Allow OMI to do the legwork first so that you may attend to the business of doing business!

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  consultation and trainingGo to Top
  No matter whether your in-house telemarketing operation requires streamlining and development or you wish to start a Direct Phone-marketing call center from the ground up, OMI's top talent is ready to provide their expert assistance, to put your team's performance at the very top.

OMI consultation and training programs are designed to meet an organization's specific needs, through a balanced combination of training and application techniques.

OMI can provide you customized consultation and training programs for:

Selection and Training of Personnel
OMI can show your sales force proven methods to enhance their performance, improve their skills, and brush up their calling techniques.

Management and Coordination
OMI can show your Managers and Supervisors how to monitor and evaluate representatives, improve motivation, build confidence, engender professionalism and expand their Direct Phone-marketing skills.

Program Creativity and Script Design
OMI can show you how to create scripts that will gain attention, stimulate interest and inspire decision, then final action. Scripts that produce results whether their aim is to secure a sale, make an appointment, generate leads or obtain survey information and update data.

Database Research and Management
OMI can demonstrate how to evaluate your database to ensure the accuracy of your data, to gain optimal use of data, to create usable reports and to ensure only qualitative data collection and entry methods are used.

At Outsource Marketing, we've been training Direct Phone-marketing professionals, since the early 1990’s. If you want to create or improve your Direct Phone-marketing program, our experience and expertise will make your job easier.

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  Managing Projects Go to top
  OMI integrates all project elements and can assist you to achieve outstanding results through our involvement in your:

Database Management
We streamline your database to reduce any wastage of resources by removing duplicate records, incorrect data, outdated information, and obsolete fields. We improve the overall quality of your database through our control measures, aimed at ensuring the useful value and integrity of information entered into your database, during programs.

Campaign Script Development
The criteria that captures attention, stimulates interest and motivates decisions to act, within the presentation, must be very carefully analyzed before a successful script can be delivered. Our scripts integrate all of the creative and functional components of a professionally designed presentation, with the extensive product/service research and client interaction that precedes it. Once finalized, OMI Account Management, Training Staff and clients, will collaborate so as to ensure that all program and script fine-tunings, are totally comprehended and communicated to all campaign staff.

List Procurement
OMI has the capability to research, qualify, develop and then supply to you, the calling lists required to meet all the needs of your program goals.
If you prefer, you can use leads you have generated from your own sources. By qualifying and further refining your leads, OMI ensures that the final calling lists are entirely suited to your program’s goals.

Calling Results and Tabulation
Our seasoned professionals will guide you toward more effective marketing tactics and realistic sales goals, by using the most up-to-date methods of statistical analysis. You tell us what you're looking for, and we'll design a comprehensive plan that will realize your vision.

Literature Fulfillment
No matter if it is a stand-alone campaign, or to support your own Direct Phone-marketing campaign or a campaign you have assigned to OMI, let us handle your fulfillment needs. With no job too big or too small, you can count on OMI to fulfill everything from confirmation letters to light distribution and packaging of sample products.

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  Customer ServiceGo to Top
  OMI can provide you with courteous, professional, efficient and highly productive virtual representation, for all you customer service needs.

Inbound Call Center
Using leading edge electronic technology to handle inbound customer 1 (800) calls, we can serve designated clients or assigned geographic areas, as your virtual customer service representatives. Our professionalism and expertise can be employed to deal with all your typical requirements, including but not limited to:

Address frequently asked questions.
Accept orders.
Fulfill requests for product literature.
Present new or existing products to up-sell and cross-sell to all inbound contacts.
Promote and present special offers.
Simultaneously update and enter data on all orders for processing and report on every level of customer contact. To ensure a seamless flow of information and data to your managers and involved departments.

Outbound Call Center
Using the same leading edge electronic technology, professionalism and industry expertise, we can handle all your typical outbound calling requirements, including but not limited to:

Promote and present special offers.
Present new or existing products to up-sell and cross-sell to all existing customers.
Accept orders.
Fulfill requests for product literature.
Conduct customer surveys.
Simultaneously update and enter data on all orders for processing and report on every level of customer contact. To ensure a seamless flow of information and data to your managers and involved departments.

Outsource Versus In-House
By using OMI you can assign as many people as required to take full advantage of up selling and cross selling to your existing customers. It provides you the ability to up-size or downsize rapidly in response to the needs of campaigns and customers. Outsourcing costs far less than in-house customer service with all the related employee and facility overheads.

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  Market Research Go to Top
  As competition in the world of business increases, retaining hard won customers and gaining new markets, is becoming increasingly more challenging. Performing market research and conducting surveys via telephone are statistically, among the most effective tools to gauge an industry trend or gather data, about your potential or existing customers.

Unfortunately, this task can be extremely time-consuming, costly and ineffective, when a company attempts to use, under qualified or over-tasked in-house staff, to attain their desired goals. We believe by outsourcing to us:

We will create scripts, format questions and answers, and then formulate data management and reporting needs, in record time.

We will select callers, then campaign-train them and have them commence calling, in record time.

We will accomplish more contacts per hour, capture more targeted information, with more positive results and still complete campaign goals, in the minimum possible time.

We will record answers, input data and convey information back to you seamlessly, with accuracy and speed.

We will be more cost-effective than any in-house program for comparable results.

This is why Outsource Marketing, Inc. is the perfect medium for your business to gather the information it needs to increase sales, assess performance or evaluate new market activity, without spending an inordinate amount of time and money.

Allow the experienced professionals at OMI to bring you the results you're looking for in a timely, efficient, cost-effective manner.

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