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How It All Began

As a privately owned company, the owners of Outsource Marketing Inc (OMI), have dedicated their entire resources to attaining and then maintaining, the highest level of efficiency and excellence, within the Direct Phone-marketing industry. We are leaders in our field and we strive to provide our clients with an optimum combination of expertise, experience and industry resources.

With corporate control and direction from our corporate offices in Glenview, Illinois, we have Hub offices located in each of the main time zones, from the Eastern Seaboard through to the Pacific Coast. This is a distinct advantage when performing business to business calling, during normal business hours within each time zone.

Our flexibility allows OMI to offer comprehensive marketing packages for virtually any size of business. Our combined 30 years of marketing management experience, gives us the skills and knowledge, to provide your company with a Direct Phone-marketing program that really does work for you.

The clients we serve represent an extremely varied scope of products and services. They encompass vendors of high tech, industrial, electronic and pharmaceutical products, as well as firms involved with publishing, financial services, insurance, engineering, landscaping, accounting and legal services. Our versatility is unsurpassed.

Our telemarketing representatives are seasoned professionals with a vast array of marketing experience. They are proficient, pleasant and eager to bring the results that your company expects.

Any mail house can handle your fulfillment needs. Any service bureau can make calls. Any database management company can collect and spin data. But none can perform all three of these tasks to the scale and complexity that Outsource Marketing can.

Our integrated approach offers the solutions to your entire promotion fulfillment, tele-services and database management needs.

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