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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? We’re pretty sure we’ve got the answers you need. Read about our process, our services and how we can best help you grow and scale your business. Still have queries? That’s cool. Give us a shout.

Why use outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the use of an external specialized provider to handle a project that normally draws on your internal resources. This frees your own resources to concentrate, cost effectively, on your main priorities and core competencies. It also provides greater skill levels, superior technology, more rapid response time, quicker commencement, enhanced management expertise and better reporting. This will result in increased overall sales volume and greater geographic coverage of local, regional and national markets.

What about the need for industry experience and specialized knowledge?

It becomes an even more cost-effective factor to outsource lead generation and appointment setting in these situations. This permits your own highly specialized, industry savvy executives, whose time is precious and costly, to concentrate exclusively on qualified leads and appointments only.

How do you charge for your services?

By a flat dollar amount per hour. Within this we will provide you with projections and targets of what results we estimate can be achieved per hour of calling. To confirm the projections, we will perform a sample calling prior to commencement of the main campaign, so you can prove our projections are accurate and realistic before commencement of campaign.

How much does a program cost?What other services does Outsource Marketing Inc provide?

It really depends entirely on the call volume, geographic area, complexity, length of each call and the nature of the program you are interested in (i.e. sales, surveys, data scrub etc). It is really best to complete our contact questions first, then allow us to call you back to determine the specifics of your campaign requirements and call you back. It is really best to complete our contact questions first, then allow us to call you back to determine specifics about your campaign requirements, so we can provide you with an accurate bid to fit your unique circumstances and needs.

Are there contracts to sign or what obligation does my company have?

OMI will customize a written contract based on the agreement we reach with you during your negotiations. Most programs comprise of a minimal Startup & Development fee, with a minimal test sample amount of calling hours, before the full program proceeds.

Who writes or prepares the calling scripts?

OMI will provide the creative coordination to formulate the script as part of our “Startup & Development Fee. The criteria that captures attention, stimulates interest and motivates decisions to act within the presentation, must be very carefully analyzed before a successful script can be delivered. Our scripts integrate all of the creative and functional components of a professionally designed presentation with the extensive product/service research and client interaction that precedes it.

How can I monitor the progress/results of the campaign/program?

 You will be afforded full access to all data related to your campaign. You can request recorded samples of actual calls. We will provide you with daily spreadsheets tracking all the required elements for every call of the campaign. All data becomes your exclusive property during & after the campaign. We keep certain information on file, but all data generated from the campaign will remain confidential to you and will never be shared with other companies.

Do you supply lists of businesses to call?

 Yes we supply them or we can use leads supplied from your own contact lists, whichever you prefer.

Have questions about Outsource Marketing Inc that we haven’t covered? Let us know.

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