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Industries Served

Inspire and Engage

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Financial Services

Lead Generation

Have serviced as large as the nation’s 10 largest banking interests to small, localized community banks.

Market Segments:

  • Previous Customers

  • Current Customers

  • Prospects

Types of Programs:

  • Present new or existing products and services. 

  • Address questions pertaining to products and services. 

  • Fulfill requests for literature and follow up. 

  • Qualify potential interest. 

  • Set firm appointments to meet customer or prospect.

  • Customer Retention

  • Customer satisfaction surveys.

  • Determine interest in potential or new products or services

  • Market research

» Verify accuracy of existing contact information.
» Obtain additional or newly required contact information.

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Have serviced a wide variety of publisher’s that publish and distribute:

Textbooks and educational materials for teachers and students at every level from Primary Schools through to Colleges and Universities as well as Public Libraries.

Reference works ranging from educational, general knowledge, special hobbies and interests, through to specialist industry, vocation and occupational use.

Directories and journals

On-line publications and newsletters. 

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 Start-ups / Information Technology

Provided solutions in areas of small to enterprise solutions, IT infrastructure, custom application / services and business services


  • Prospects

  • Current Customer

  • Employees


  • Gather input on management initiatives, practices and motivational training from key management and supervisory staff.

  • Customer satisfaction. 

  • Determine new product potential and interest

  • Database Scrubs

  • Verify accuracy of existing information

  • Obtain additional or newly required information.

  • Verify accuracy of information collected

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