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Consultation Services

We Can Help

No matter whether your in-house telemarketing operation requires streamlining and development or you wish to start a Direct Phone-marketing call center from the ground up, OMI's top talent is ready to provide their expert assistance, to put your team's performance at the very top.

OMI consultation and training programs are designed to meet an organization's specific needs, through a balanced combination of training and application techniques.

OMI can provide you customized consultation and training programs for:

Selection and Training of Personnel 
OMI can show your sales force proven methods to enhance their performance, improve their skills, and brush up their calling techniques. 

Management and Coordination
OMI can show your Managers and Supervisors how to monitor and evaluate representatives, improve motivation, build confidence, engender professionalism and expand their Direct Phone-marketing skills.

Program Creativity and Script Design 
OMI can show you how to create scripts that will gain attention, stimulate interest and inspire decision, then final action. Scripts that produce results whether their aim is to secure a sale, make an appointment, generate leads or obtain survey information and update data.

Database Research and Management
OMI can demonstrate how to evaluate your database to ensure the accuracy of your data, to gain optimal use of data, to create usable reports and to ensure only qualitative data collection and entry methods are used.

At Outsource Marketing, we've been training Direct Phone-marketing professionals, since the early 1990’s. If you want to create or improve your Direct Phone-marketing program, our experience and expertise will make your job easier.

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