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Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

Results You’ll Love

Outsource Marketing, Inc. (OMI) specializes in developing lead generation and appointment setting programs designed to fill your sales funnel with qualified leads. Many sales teams find prospecting and cold calling to be inefficient and time consuming. Let our team of professional VTRs do the leg work for you eliminating the need for your team to have to do their own prospecting and instead focus their efforts on closing the deal with a qualified prospect who is interested. Our VTRs will quickly and efficiently identify the appropriate decision maker, qualify them based on your specifications, showcase your products and services, and gain their commitment to follow-up. The end result is an improved close rate for your team.

Newspaper and magazine advertising, radio and TV promotions, bill-boards, direct mail and emails, demands and mostly receives, little or no immediate action or response. Direct Phone-marketing does. It gets you into instant dialogue with decision makers where you can present, address questions, capture important qualifying information and then resolve the next levels of mutually agreed ACTION. It is the most cost-effective form of lead generation there is today.

Why then would you want to outsource this important, if not crucial task, of lead generation for gaining new customers, from you to us?

» OMI's specializes in getting the best possible result out of every level of contact with prospects. They thrive on the challenges of cold-calling and make the most out of each and every level of contact opportunity, from the receptionist, right through to the final decision maker.

» OMI’s has the expertise to penetrate the screens, reach the decision-makers, generate their interest and then, gently probe with questions to qualify them. From there, as valid and fully qualified prospects or leads, OMI can handle any literature fulfillment requirements or set appointments for you.

» OMI has the technology to manage the data collated from our calls, in whatever format that you require. We provide you with a seamless flow and interface of crucial information collated from our calls, from our systems to yours, in whatever medium is convenient to you.

» OMI’s callers are experienced, mature and well-seasoned professionals. As your representatives, they are going to leave extremely good impressions of your company, providing you with great exposure and building goodwill for you, whilst still achieving the direct results of each program.

» OMI can free your busy, more industry specialized and highly paid staff, to focus only on those prospects that you already know, are potentially profitable. This will dramatically increase your closing and sale volumes.

Allow OMI to do the legwork first so that you may attend to the business of doing business!

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