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Market Research

We will find the answer

As competition in the world of business increases, retaining hard won customers and gaining new markets, is becoming increasingly more challenging. Performing market research and conducting surveys via telephone are statistically, among the most effective tools to gauge an industry trend or gather data, about your potential or existing customers.

Unfortunately, this task can be extremely time-consuming, costly and ineffective, when a company attempts to use, under qualified or over-tasked in-house staff, to attain their desired goals. We believe by outsourcing to us:

We will create scripts, format questions and answers, and then formulate data management and reporting needs, in record time.

We will select callers, then campaign-train them and have them commence calling, in record time.

We will accomplish more contacts per hour, capture more targeted information, with more positive results and still complete campaign goals, in the minimum possible time.

We will record answers, input data and convey information back to you seamlessly, with accuracy and speed.

We will be more cost-effective than any in-house program for comparable results.

This is why Outsource Marketing, Inc. is the perfect medium for your business to gather the information it needs to increase sales, assess performance or evaluate new market activity, without spending an inordinate amount of time and money.

Allow the experienced professionals at OMI to bring you the results you're looking for in a timely, efficient, cost-effective manner.

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