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Marketing Projects

We Do It Right

OMI integrates all project elements and can assist you to achieve outstanding results through our involvement in your:

Database Management 
We streamline your database to reduce any wastage of resources by removing duplicate records, incorrect data, outdated information, and obsolete fields. We improve the overall quality of your database through our control measures, aimed at ensuring the useful value and integrity of information entered into your database, during programs.

Campaign Script Development 
The criteria that captures attention, stimulates interest and motivates decisions to act, within the presentation, must be very carefully analyzed before a successful script can be delivered. Our scripts integrate all of the creative and functional components of a professionally designed presentation, with the extensive product/service research and client interaction that precedes it. Once finalized, OMI Account Management, Training Staff and clients, will collaborate so as to ensure that all program and script fine-tuning, are totally comprehended and communicated to all campaign staff.

List Procurement 
OMI has the capability to research, qualify, develop and then supply to you, the calling lists required to meet all the needs of your program goals. 
If you prefer, you can use leads you have generated from your own sources. By qualifying and further refining your leads, OMI ensures that the final calling lists are entirely suited to your program’s goals.

Data Research
Our seasoned professionals will guide you toward more effective marketing tactics and realistic sales goals, by using the most up-to-date methods of statistical analysis. You tell us what you're looking for, and we'll design a comprehensive plan that will realize your vision.

Literature Fulfillment 
No matter if it is a stand-alone campaign, or to support your own Direct Phone-marketing campaign or a campaign you have assigned to OMI, let us handle your fulfillment needs. With no job too big or too small, you can count on OMI to fulfill everything from confirmation letters to light distribution and packaging of sample products.

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