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The OMI Advantage

A No-Limits Telemarketing Agency

Outsource Marketing, Inc. is a full service, outbound telemarketing company, offering to you the experience and resources of a large-scale in-house telemarketing operation, without the prohibitive costs. 

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Did you know?

At Outsource Marketing, Inc. (OMI) we offer our clients the benefits of a full service business to business telemarketing experience without all the costs associated with maintaining an in-house team.

  • Business-to-Business (B2B) Telemarketing is today's most effective alternative for reaching both targeted and future prospects. 

  • Outbound telemarketing enables you to answer questions, address concerns, overcome objections and bring each contact, to a definitive action – a closing.

  • Telephone Marketing, due to increased competition in the telecommunications industry and low telephone costs, is currently the most cost-effective ingredient within, any total marketing program. 

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What We Do

Outsource Marketing, Inc. (OMI) delivers results. Our Account Managers have a minimum of 25 years’ experience in the B2B telemarketing arena and their goal is to understand exactly what you’re looking to accomplish and design a custom approach based on your specific needs. Your OMI Account Manager will work closely with you to customize a campaign designed around your objective. Tell us what you have in mind and we will do the rest! From script development to data management, our pilot packages include everything you need for a successful initiative.

Does it sound like we’d be a good fit? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us and let’s get started.


For more than 25-years we have consistently delivered results, exceeding our clients’ expectations by filling their sales funnel with qualified leads freeing up their sales team to do what they do best – sell! Our simple but effective process of qualifying prospects involves identifying the appropriate decision maker, clearly & accurately communicating the benefits of each clients’ products or services, and ultimately gaining the prospects commitment to follow-up from a Sales Professional.

The secret to our success is without a doubt our team of professional Virtual Telemarketing Representatives (VTRs). Our VTRs have an average of 20-years of experience in business to business telemarketing and they love what they do. In fact, our turnover rate is less than 10% annually! When you work with OMI you can be confident that our team takes your project seriously and will strive to deliver the highest quality results each and every time.

If you are curious how telemarketing can work for you, consider trying one of our pilot packages. We are confident that once you experience working with our professional team and you see results you will be sold on the effectiveness of B2B telemarketing.

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